Hand Wash - Nature's Best

250 mL

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Make washing your hands a more sustainable and luxurious experience with our Hand Wash. This hand wash transforms into a velvety foam, cleanses and softens the skin without drying your hands out. It will leave your hands smelling great. Plus, the modern design of the packaging looks great in your kitchen, toilet or bathroom! 

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Pump a small amount into your hands and wash your hands for at least 30 seconds. Rinse with water.

Our bottles are made of plantbased sugarcane! You might know sugar cane from the plant where we get sugar, but that's not all we get. Once all the sweet essence is removed out, the left over bagasse is converted in a plant based bottle. Sugarcane is currently the most sustainable alternative for regular plastic. Not only are sugarcane bottles made from a plant-based raw material, but the sugarcane plant is a renewable source. On top of that, this plant also removes CO₂  from the air as it grows (for every kg of sugarcane produced, it removes 3.09 kg of CO₂ from the air). After use, sugarcane bottles are 100% recyclable. The production of sugarcane packaging is carbon neutral, meaning that it does not contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. The process of producing sugarcane packaging also generates renewable energy, making it an eco-friendly option.

Have you enjoyed using Visign Nature Hand Wash? Then renew your product responsibly with our refill bottles! Our refills significantly reduce the amount of raw materials used and transport. This is how to refill your product:

• Unscrew the pump from the vial.

• Throw the vial away with the plastic waste and keep the pump.

• Order a refill pack. The pump is universal for all our fragrances, you can also choose a different fragrance.

• Throw the cap of the refill pack away with the plastic waste.

• Screw the retained pump onto the refill pack.

• Ready to be used again!

Do you want to recycle your Hand Wash? This is how:

• Unscrew the pump from the vial.

• Dispose of the vial and pump separately in plastic waste.

Inspired by nature, we created this vibrant fragrance: Nature's Best. In this fragrance you will find beautiful ingredients derived from nature, such as lemon, Muguet and Tonka. Together, the ingredients create a floral and warm fragrance that provide an elegant and chic feeling.

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