Body Wash Bar - Nature's Best

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Opt for a sustainable shower with the 100% natural en nourishing Visign Nature Body Wash Bar. The solid bar gently cleanses skin while the ingredients like shea butter, argan oil, vitamin E and aloe vera nourish and moistures. After use, store the bar easily and hygienically in our Solid Bar Bag or onto the Magnetic Holder.

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<p>Besides that our bars are 100% natural, contain no plastic and take care of your hair in an amazing way, all of the bars are sustainable. Did you know that traditional shower products consist largely of water? As an ingredient, that's obviously not a bad thing at all, but it is in terms of transport. By removing water from the product, relatively less transport is needed and therefore reduces CO₂ emissions. Plus, of course, our bars are 100% plastic-free!</p><p>Not only are our bars better for the environment, but also for your hair and wallet. After all, our Shampoo Bars are comparable to three bottles of shampoo!</p>

Rub the Body Wash Bar between your wet hands until a foam forms. Use this foam to wash your body and then rinse off. You can also rub the bar directly onto your skin. After use, store the bar in the Solid Bar Bag or place it bag onto your Solid Holder.

Inspired by nature, we created this vibrant fragrance: Nature's Best. In this fragrance you will find beautiful ingredients derived from nature, such as lemon, Muguet and Tonka. Together, the ingredients create a floral and warm fragrance that provide an elegant and chic feeling.