Solid Bar Bag White - Wooden Bead

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Introducing our Solid Bar Bag, the perfect storage solution for all your solid products. Made of cotton hemp, this bag is not only durable and designed to keep your solids safe and secure. Placing the Solid Bar inside, you can also use the Solid Bar Bag to make your solid foam. The white bag is available with three different bead colours. You can assign a different colour for each type of solid product, making it easy to keep overview of the type of solid that's inside. The bag is also compact and easy to carry, making it perfect for travel or on-the-go use. 

How to use

Store your Solid Bar in this Solid Bar Bag, so it is always near when you need it and it has a good place to dry. With the strap you can easily attach the bag in your shower. Besides storing your Solid Bar, the Solid Bar Bag has another purpose! The brown Solid Bar Bag is suitable for scrubbing your skin, while the white Solid Bar Bag is suitable to achieve a foamy consistency when washing yourself. 

Do you have individual pieces of your Solid Bar because you dropped it, for example? You can put the loose pieces in the bag and still use the Solid Bar. By using the Solid Bar Bag you can get the most out of your Solid Bar.