Solid Holder Magnetic

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Stick with me! This tool helps you store your solid bars in a safe way. 

The best storage option for your solid bars is here: the Solid Holder Magnetic. This sturdy metal holder is developed with the intention of holding your solid bars while you use them. The holder is made up of two parts: one pushes into the solid bar, and the other uses the double-sided tape that is provided to connect to the wall. Due to the magnets connecting the two pieces, your solid bar will be held firmly in place. 

The holder is made with ease in mind, making it simple to place on the wall and quick to insert and remove the solid bar. The magnets in the holder will safely join the two pieces together when the wall-mounted half is adhered to the wall using the double-sided tape that is included.

Tip: Do you also like to use a Solid Bar Bag besides using the Solid Holder Magnetic? You can put the strap from your Solid Bar Bag around your Solid Holder!