Gift Box Fragrance Sticks + Shower Foam | Nature's Best

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Surround yourself with love or give love as a gift with this exclusive gift set. This gift box contains our fragrance sticks and shower foam.

Our durable gift boxes can be reused as storage boxes - perfect for storing memories, photos or other items.

Fragrance Sticks 
A beautiful home deserves a lovely fragrance. With this diffuser, you create a clean and warm feeling in any room, without spreading unwelcome chemicals. The wooden sticks spread the lovely perfume throughout the room. It's the perfect stylish accessory to make your home smell fantastic.

Shower Foam
Indulge yourself with a shower session with our Shower Foam.  A little foam goes a long way. The rich foam cleanses your skin and also feels wonderfully soft. The creamy Shower Foam in your favorite fragrance will get your day off to a good start!