Fragrance Sticks - Nature's Best

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A beautiful home deserves a lovely fragrance. With these Fragrance Sticks, you create a clean and warm feeling in any room. The sticks spread the lovely perfume throughout the room. It's the perfect stylish accessory to make your home smell fantastic. 

<p>Place the sticks in the bottle and make sure they are spaced apart to spread the fragrance well. If you notice that the fragrance intensity decreased after a while, you can turn the sticks around. When the liquid runs out, you can refill your diffuser with our Fragrance Sticks refill.</p>

Have you enjoyed using your Fragrance Sticks? Then refresh your product responsibly with our refills! Our refills significantly reduce the amount of raw materials used and transport. Here's how to refill your product:

  • Remove the sticks from the bottle and also remove the cap from the bottle.
  • Order the refill pack of the diffuser.
  • Pour the contents of the refill pack into the vial.
  • Place the cap back on the vial and replace the sticks.

The refill pack is made of Sugarcane Bio-plastic and fully recyclable. Dispose of the cap and packaging separately in the plastic waste.

Ready to enjoy again!


Do you want to dispose and recycle your Fragrance Sticks? 

  • Remove the sticks from the vial and also remove the cap from the vial.
  • Recycle the vial with the glass and dispose of the sticks and cap with the residual waste.

Inspired by nature, we created this vibrant fragrance: Nature's Best. In this fragrance you will find beautiful ingredients derived from nature, such as lemon, Muguet and Tonka. Together, the ingredients create a floral and warm fragrance that provide an elegant and chic feeling.

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